Private Collectors

Guiding private clients through the end-to-end journey of curating an intelligent contemporary art collection with connoisseurship at its core: Vision, Source, Procure, Display. Mercer Contemporary delivers insights and access to all aspects of the discipline:

+ Conservation
+ Collection Management
+ Philanthropy and Donations

+ New Acquisitions
+ Sales
+ Installation

Corporate Clients

Mercer Contemporary has immediate access to an exclusive online database of 150+ artists and extensive blue chip works to create a unique concept:

  • Hotel curation

  • Building a corporate collection

  • Designing your office space

Working closely with the Interior Design Industry and Architects, the consultancy will compile a portfolio of artworks that reflect the unique design of the building, the character of the local area, or the individual’s personal taste.


The consultancy was founded by award-winning Curator, Nicole Bray, who was awarded the Emerging Curator Fellowship with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation and has completed prestigious curatorial residencies around the globe. Mercer Contemporary is currently taking on bespoke projects.


Appraisal Services

Mercer Contemporary is certified in USPAP by the Appraisers Association of America and specializes in Post-War (1945-), Contemporary, and Emerging fine art across all mediums.
Appraisal Types:

  • Insurance

  • Estate

  • Gift Tax

  • Non-Cash Charitable Contribution for the IRS

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Collection Management

A comprehensive inventory of all objects in the collection, listed in a verified document that cross-checks physical inventory by location with the documentation. The process includes photography and baseline condition reports.

  • Cataloguing – using international Object ID standards (Getty, ICOM)

  • Documentation – verify, track down, reissue, safeguard

  • Condition and Environmental Assessment  

  • Solutions for all the myriad issues that come out of the Inventory

  • Referrals: Appraisers, Insurance, Scientific Analysis, Conservators, Framers, Shippers, Riggers, Lawyers, Art Financing

  • Liaise with art advisors, decorators, accountants, lawyers, family office, wealth managers, house and building staff, and others also servicing the client.

  • Loans

  • Moves

  • Insurance claims